Tenderloin Trilogy: Those Who Posed

The stories of three prostitutes who posed for EJ Bellocq.

InFringe Fest

November 15-17

Produced by District Productions NOLA

Statement from District Productions NOLA

Dear Patrons,

I am so very disappointed that two days of events in Centennial of Sin: Storyville Revisited was cancelled due to Hurricane Nate.

It was a very hard decision to make but based on the weather reports, the city's mandate of a curfew, and the city's insistence towards Hurricane preparedness for safety of all citizens, we made the painful decision to cancel all remaining events.

The financial ramifications of cancelling have been personally difficult for me as and independent producer of the event, so I cannot see a way to re-create the events at this time.  The Centennial of Sin: Storyville Revisited programming will not be re-scheduled this year.  I do hope to partner with The Little Gem Saloon in 2018 to present theatrical/musical works.  Centennial of Sin tickets will be honored at Little Gem Saloon events in the future.

District Productions NOLA is willing to issue refunds to those individuals who still want them by requesting in writing to DistrictProductionsNOLA@gmail.com with proof of your Eventbrite purchase.  

I hope you will support our next event, Tenderloin Trilogy: Those Who Posed,   which is a part of Infringe Fest November 15-17, 2017. The dramatic presentation of the stories of three Storyville prostitutes and the interactive Hamkick  show will be performed, along with traditional jazz music and singers.


Amy Reuben

District Productions NOLA  

About District Production NOLA

Centennial of Sin: Storyville Revisited October 6-8

This weekend long celebration commemorates the centennial anniversary of the closing of The District, now more commonly known as "Storyville." It features a packed schedule of lectures, art exhibits, walking tours, dramatic performances, live music and ceremonies commemorating the people who lived, worked, gambled, drank and played music in the District. Many thanks to all participants and sponsors.  

Mission Statement

"It has always been my intention to preserve the historical significance and memory of The District, that area of New Orleans more popularly known as Storyville, through carefully researched materials presented in tasteful, entertaining and artistic ways." - Amy Reuben, artistic director and founder of District Productions NOLA  

History of District Productions NOLA

Playwright and historian Amy Reuben has been researching New Orleans' infamous Storyville District for over 20 years.  In October of 1997 she produced the Centennial Anniversary of the Opening of The District, and now, 20 years later, is producing a similar event to celebrate the centennial of the closing of the District (November 12, 1917). Reuben has written a historically accurate three-act play called "The District, Portrayals of Life in the Tenderloin of New Orleans."  

Notable Events


Ongoing until November 12, 2017

Bordello Room in Honor of Veronica Russell, a re-creation of a Storyville bordello room, displaying some original artifacts from the district and the era. Find it at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.

19th Century Tools & Practices of the Midwife An exhibit on medicinal treatments for sexually transmitted diseases and obstetrical instruments of the period at The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.  

Reflect, an art exhibit by John and Lori Cernak, inspired by the photographs of E.J. Bellocq and The District, at The Little Gem Saloon and the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.


The District:  A Portrayal of Life in The Tenderloin of New Orleans is a historically accurate dramatic representations of Storyville characters and events written by Amy Reuben. 

Tenderloin Trilogy:  Those Who Posed is a series of Monologues linked together by 3 of the girls who posed for EJ Bellocq, and the account of one Trick, who frequented the District, written and directed by Amy Reuben

The Hamkick is a contest from the Saloons in The District, dramatized by Amy Reuben and featuring The Hamkick Band and the District Players.


Ongoing Research

District Productions NOLA

Dedicated to the ongoing research into the lives of District notables EJ Bellocq and Gertrude Dix Anderson, and the unveiling of documentation and genealogical data. 

Event Spotlight

Jazz Funeral and Wreath Laying Ceremony

On October 6th we celebrated the closing of the District with a traditional Jazz Funeral 'up the line' beginning at Basin St. and St. Louis and ending at Basin St. and Iberville St., where  District Characters Tom Anderson, Gertrude Dix Anderson and Sydney Story read the official ordinances that enacted Storyville in 1897 and shut it down in 1917.  The 'funeral' was lead by Jamie Wight and the Spirit of New Orleans Brass Band. Krauss President Hugo Kahn was our officiating dignitary.


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