Reflect by John and Lori Cernak

About the Work

John and Lori photograph their subjects in front of a green screen. John will then composite bits and pieces of other photographs, some of emotional or historical significance to the image, some strictly a matter of aesthetics, artistic balance. The final montages can often have a hundred or more pieces from other photographs, all of which they shot themselves. All of the original portraits and prints of certain portraits are available for sale. 

About the Artists

When they are not running their award-winning animation, special effects and film production studio, Out Of Our Minds Studios, husband and wife team John and Lori Cernak collaborate on photography and fine art projects. 

John Cernak began his career as a graphic designer and has been fortunate enough to receive a good number of accolades for his creative efforts: Society of Publication Design, New York Art Director's Club, New York Advertising Club, Graphic Design USA, Creativity, Society of Illustrators, AIGA, Addy and others.

Several years ago, Lori and John began visiting New Orleans on a rather regular basis, for both business and pleasure. When offered the opportunity to curate a gallery and hang their work, they purchased a condo and became partial residents. Shortly thereafter, they opened their own gallery and studio on Toulouse Street. Three years ago they sold their New Orleans interests and returned full time to North Carolina to focus on their animation studio.

Their connection to Storyville first grew out of proximity, but has not diminished since leaving the city.

"When the Saenger Theater was undergoing renovation, Basin Street was dug up, exposing the buried railroad ties of a hundred years before. Stoyville was right there. Our condo complex, the converted Krauss Department store, spanned the railroad station, fronting Canal to Bienville, the strip of land where the prominent Bordellos stood. Our master bedroom would have been half way into Hilma Burt's, where there is a photograph of Jelly Roll Morton playing. Directly below our feet once stood Tom Anderson's place. We lived on hallowed grounds." said John Cernak.

Where to See It

"Reflect" opens at the Pharmacy Museum October 3rd. From October 6 through 8 several pieces will be moved and displayed at The Little Gem Saloon during the Centennial of Sin celebration. The works will then be moved back to the Pharmacy Museum where they will remain until XX. Prints of certain pieces will be available for sale at the Pharmacy Museum and the Centennial of Sin. For more information on the Pharmacy Museum, click HERE.

Bordello Room in Honor of Veronica Russell

About the Exhibit

A re-creation of a bordello room of a Storyville parlor house, displaying some original artifacts from the district and the era and authentic and recreated clothing belonging to a typical Storyville prostitute. The room is dedicated to the memory of Veronica Russell.

Where to Find It

On display October 1 - November 12, 2017 at The Pharmacy Museum. For more information click HERE.

19th Century Tools & Practices of the Midwife

About the Exhibit

An exhibit from The Pharmacy Museum on medicinal treatments for sexually transmitted diseases and obstetrical instruments of the period.

Where to Find It

On display October 1 - November 12, 2017 at The Pharmacy Museum. For more information click HERE.